All risk auto insurance brokers Ltd, the most promising franchise extends its services in Ontario after establishing security in Toronto, Canada. We are committed to provide cost effective car insurance involving lowest possible premium with maximum possible coverage. Our 60 years of work has been acknowledged and rewarded with numerous awards adding more to our credibility.

Our services

Get your life secured along with covering your home, business, auto and miscellaneous insurance as we provide protection in case of hazard in all above categories. Our team of expert on receiving your request for quotes either online or through call responds within shortest possible duration with cheap auto car insurance quotes in Ontario.

Our team tries to provide cheap insurance to all but it depends on the case and many factors affecting the policy.

Factors affecting insurance:

  • Theft device installed in the car is one of the factors that aid in cheap insurance. Such cars are given an advantage of discount facilitating cheap insurance.
  • Defensive driving course – defensive and professional driving course facilitates cheap insurance as it assures good driving skills of drivers.
  • Yearly policies – yearly policies are more lucrative than six monthly policies as in these clients can enjoy rate for complete one year unlike policies of short duration.
  • Multiple cars Discount – Insuring more than one car too can be beneficial for clients as it is not much different in premium paid for two cars than one car.
  • Clean credits – Guys with clean credit rating are entitled to cheap insurance.
  • Safe driving history – men and women with no accident or damage history can rejoice with cheap insurance. The driving history of last three years is taken into account. If the client is found driving on being drunk or under the influence of any drug is not liable for cheap insurance
  • EFT payment – Electronic fund transfer is advisable as most of the insurance companies levy some charges on mail payment.
  • Usage-based auto insurance device
  • Auto and home insurance policies


How to claim:

In the case of having met with an accident or damage to car, the insured individual should search out his insurance documents and should go for following actions -


  • Make no delay in contacting the insurance company. In fact, some companies grant claims only if it is made within a specified period of damage. A report to police is also necessary regarding damage or collision caused to your car.
  • It is mandatory to submit all necessary details to the insurance company and most of the companies require proof of loss within 3 months or 90 days of an accident.
  • Few insurance companies’ grants for repair shops, so wait until the declaration is made by the insurance company.


The claim to the insurance company of other driver involved in the accident should be made as soon as possible or usually within 7 days.

Get our consultation and advice pre and post insurance whenever you feel like. We work for complete satisfaction and security of client.


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